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Situated in a quiet, residential neighborhood in Bastrop, Louisiana, our 60,000-square-foot facility features 112 beds with a staff of professionals who work to provide compassionate care in a warm, friendly atmosphere. Lagniappe Healthcare Skilled Nursing Facility is a Medicare and Medicaid certified facility serving Bastrop, Mer Rouge, Oak Grove, Lake Providence and the surrounding area.. Focused on helping residents feel at home; meeting their medical, social and spiritual needs, Lagniappe is a perfect choice for those in need of long-term care or short-term care.

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“I am thankful for everything that has been done for me. I am thankful to everyone that has made me feel like this is my family. The Good Lord knew just where to send me. I am so grateful I have a 2nd chance at life.”  Dondi Jones

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Lagniappe Skilled Nursing Facility | 5-Star Rated! Lagniappe Skilled Nursing Facility | Memory and Music Certified!

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Lagniappe Healthcare | Marynell Brown - Resident Of The Month